Current Issues

Here are some current issues that are on my radar, in alphabetical order.


Next year’s budget building begins in November.

Community Resource Officer

An opportunity to reexamine the needs of the community, seek opportunities for improvement, and create balance in our availability of resources.

Health Department

A lack of communication has prompted a closer look at our new regional health department and understanding its impact to our town.

Parks & Open Space

A challenge to many regional towns with amazing public space to enjoy, we must continue to take an active role in combating issues of littering and working to manage overcrowding.

Police Department

A fresh look at our amazing police department and understanding how a departure from the Resident Trooper program would impact our town.

Senior Services

A new Director is on the horizon and opportunity for new relationships that benefit our seniors.

Town Pool

An exciting time and opportunity to learn about the options we have moving forward regarding the future of the town pool at Ballantine park.