Current Issues

Here are some current issues that are on my radar, in alphabetical order.


Another successful budget cycle with wide approval, and it gets accepted. The result of hard work, collaboration, and a mindset that Southbury’s finances should be managed conservatively, carefully, and consistently.

Health Department

HVHD continues to see significant developments that all point toward a positive direction for the organization. The health department just announced the start of a new Director of Public Health. Southbury has new representation on the board of directors that is sure to hold HVHD accountable in ways we believed was lacking. I’m continuing to pay close attention to this new health department, its ability to be transparent to its member towns, and the quality of service it provides for our residents.

Parks & Open Space

A challenge to many regional towns with amazing public space to enjoy, we must continue to take an active role in combating issues of littering and working to manage overcrowding. This is on my plate to help tackle before the 2023 summer season. More to come on a very difficult situation for impacted residents and an issue that resonates with me.

Pierce Hollow Village

Pierce Hollow Village will be a senior subsidized housing development that, once built, would provide a much needed resource for our truly most vulnerable population. When it takes 4-5 years for someone to move through the wait list at Grace Meadows, it should be the sounding alarm that the Pierce Hollow project needs the support it deserves to bring this development to a reality.

Police Department

A fresh look at our amazing police department and understanding how a departure from the Resident Trooper program would impact our town. With recommendations from the Resident Trooper and others, a task force has been formed to perform a feasibility study to determine if Southbury has the infrastructure and capacity to form it’s own independent police department. Should the task force move to recommend moving forward, a referendum would be set to have voting residents make the final decision.

Senior Services

I was part of the committee assembled to make sure Southbury starts 2023 with a new Director who will work hard to be the right person our Seniors will love in this position. We now welcome Andrea Corcoran as our new Senior Services Director!

Town Pool

The Board of Selectmen just received information back from the Pool Task Force and I can say that I’m mostly pleased. I still need to review the plan more fully but right now my biggest concern is a plan to move forward without heating the pool. I’m truly disappointed by this and have already spoke out about my wish that we build a pool that can provide heated water when we need it. Lots of conversation about understanding the operating costs to heat a pool, and I think that is a fair consideration. More to come as we work towards approving a plan that will be brought to referendum.