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  • Larkin Trail Road Crossings

    by Greg

    Take a moment to support this online petition. Would you please share it, too? This issue was presented in public comment during our last board meeting. Well done! I’ll be looking to see if we can craft a thoughtful letter supporting our trail users and increased visibility and safety at these very busy road crossings,…

  • Winter Wonderland

    by Greg

    Enjoy the snow this weekend! It may be the only weekend to enjoy some legitimate winter wonderland at home. 🙂

  • About the heat…

    by Greg

    If you’re listening even in the slightest to our community members who engage on town topics, or maybe the stakeholders who stand to use Ballantine Pool the most, it is unmistakably clear that people want to ensure that our pool is never cold again. Unfortunately, it may be a symptom or reaction to years of…