About the heat…

by Greg

If you’re listening even in the slightest to our community members who engage on town topics, or maybe the stakeholders who stand to use Ballantine Pool the most, it is unmistakably clear that people want to ensure that our pool is never cold again.

Unfortunately, it may be a symptom or reaction to years of frigid pool temps caused by a pool needing replacement. With all proper consideration to all questions and concerns raised, it has been made clear by the unanimous opinion of all five Southbury Selectmen that there is to be a fully installed, functioning, and in-service heating package when the new pool goes into service.

As these things go, not all key stakeholders are unanimous on that.

I will continue to press the people working against installing a heating package with the new Ballantine pool construction until the people’s will prevails and is respected.

One Selectman. One Vote.