What You Need To Know

From Southbury Selectman, Greg Kuehn:

Serving on the Southbury Board of Selectmen is a true honor. With every issue, I have a sense of service above self. Being a Selectman is about serving the Town and our residents, businesses, visitors, and guests. Putting people’s issues first is important to me. Whether I’m reading your email, listening to your public comment, or engaging in our conversation, I respect the people I serve. No matter our similarities or differences, you are important to me.


I am seeking re-election to a second term on the Board of Selectmen, and currently serve as Selectman Liaison to the Senior Services Commission, Energy Task Force, and IT Steering Committee. I have previously served on the Planning Commission and as Chair to the Southbury Republican Town Committee.

When it comes to town issues, I always put forward a respectful and collaborative work ethic, which has been very effective in this role. From supporting sensible budgets to addressing loitering and littering in parks and open spaces, supporting the growth of senior housing, and standing strong with our police, our community is important to me.

On Working Together

As a Selectman, the fundamentals of working together require much listening, processing what was heard, understanding a person’s perspective, ensuring they feel understood, and getting perspective beyond my own. It requires challenging myself to engage with people who see things differently. It requires the courage to question myself: am I making good decisions?

We craft sound opinions by gaining adequate perspective. That helps build a foundation for good decision-making. It makes it a lot easier when kindness, respect, and consideration are a part of the equation.

A vote for Greg Kuehn is a vote to continue bringing this mindset and philosophy to the Board of Selectmen.

On Budgeting

The Town of Southbury has held firm on its commitment to responsible budgeting. The philosophy behind a budgeting strategy is decades in the making and places us in the best position possible to keep residents and businesses first in mind through the process.

In short, each year, the budget is built from the ground up. What must we spend? What must we save? The budget represents what’s needed to operate and maintain our town, including the services we all expect, while building the savings needed to replace capital assets on a planned schedule.

Southbury’s been doing this so well that our bond rating (which helps banks determine interest rates when we do decide to borrow money) received Moody’s “Aa1” rating, which is one step below a top rating of “Aaa”. It’s a 10-point scale. Simply put, we’re at “9”. It is a direct reflection of our ability to manage our money responsibly over longer periods of time.

That didn’t happen by coincidence. It happens as a collective vision from town leaders who care deeply about the financial health of our town. Between the First Selectman, Finance Director, Board of Selectmen, and Board of Finance, our leaders work together with town department heads to carefully curate a budget each year to help keep Southbury positioned well for a secure future.

We have a tremendously talented team of people doing it right year after year.

On Public Safety

We have much to be proud of in supporting our Police Department. This term, I was a part of the team that negotiated the latest 3-year contract with the police union, and there is only one way to describe the process that took place: UNPRECEDENTED.

I can tell you that the approach to this contract was met with understanding and compromise from both sides. Think: working together. This may have been the gold standard for bargaining in good faith, which is critical in union/management negotiations.

The town met with representatives from the police union, and both sides presented their wants and needs. Ultimately, the entire process deliberately worked to avoid harsh adversarial conversations, and ultimately, in short order, we had a win-win for both the town and our police.

We can all be proud of our town and our police department for the effort put forward on this. Moving forward, I’m confident that Southbury PD will continue attracting and keeping excellent new candidates with a contract that was built to help achieve this.

On Public Health

We now have a second new Public Health District Director this term and I’m happy with our progress to help guide the new Housatonic Valley Health District forward. The new Director has put an outstanding foot forward, and we are now in seemingly capable hands.

Getting to this point has not been easy. This was challenging work, not to mention time-consuming. The effort that the First Selectman and Republican Board members have put into this helped regain control to leverage and influence outcomes within this new health district that now serve our town well.

I feel confident that this district, with new Director Bethge leading, now has its footing and will ultimately be a successful organization, with Southbury continuing as headquarters, and holding a solid and influential set of seats on the district’s Board of Directors.

On Town Roads

We are all very thankful that the Town of Southbury prioritizes road maintenance. It goes a long way toward serving what the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) sets forth as a vision. It is an understanding of that “feeling” we all have when describing Southbury. It is a reflection of how much we love our town.

Our roads are in excellent shape and that will continue as a priority into the future.

On Parks & Recreation

There is no shortage of things to do in our town. All you need to do is visit our Parks & Recreation department to see what’s offered.

Let’s get this one out of the way. For the sake of addressing this term of elected officials, you can be proud of this Board of Selectmen who were in unison on moving forward at the overwhelming wishes of our community to replace the town pool at Ballantine Park.

Further, we have Republican Selectmen who listen, are patient, and can act in a way that represents Southbury’s best interests. I’m very proud to be part of the process that brought us here. I’m incredibly impressed by the community of people who worked hard to influence minds and hearts. We can all be proud of this.

Let’s not forget that along with a new pool at Ballantine Park, we’ll also have a new splash pad feature which will complement all of the new construction as an adjacent standalone feature in the park.

When it came time to take a stand for the issues associated with the old town beach property on River Rd, I knew this was a longstanding problem that I could lend a strong voice to represent in Town Hall. Many conversations on the issue helped rediscover a longstanding agreement between the Town and Newtown organization Leaps Of Faith Adaptive Skiers. In the agreement, the organization is responsible for keeping the site clean without exception. The organization was very amenable to the friendly reminder and helped resolve an aching issue for local residents.

When it came to overcrowding issues at Little York Park and Town Boat Ramp on the Shepaug River, it was clear that we needed a way to preserve these special locations for town residents only. The boat ramp was already resident-only. The problem was a lack of method for quickly identifying who’s who at the ramp.

I suggested using the town transfer station sticker already in use, as a method to identify residents. Conversations with Parks & Recreation resulted in a separate annual permitting process for the boat ramp and the use of a town transfer station sticker as proof of residency to park at Little York Park. We’ll continue to adapt as needed to address issues as they present themselves.

How about the new pickleball courts at Ballantine Park? I was very happy to support building four new courts for our community to enjoy what is described as one of our country’s fastest-growing sports. I’ve always loved the fast-paced competition in playing tennis. As I get older, pickleball will fit right into my abilities, and I think many people see it the same way. This is a great new addition to expand what’s offered to our community, and I can see it is already a favorite for many.

There’s already been a preview of a walkway trail project that could join Heritage Village at points along Main Streets North and South. I’m very excited to learn more about something that will not only continue to expand recreational opportunities but do it in a way that brings community and businesses closer than before.

On Election Day

I have given a professional presence and countless hours to serving on the Board of Selectmen, working hard to help make good decisions for our community. For this, I ask that you please vote for me, so I may continue serving in this capacity.

Whether you vote early or take the time to vote on Election Day (November 7th), please vote for me and my fellow incumbents, who all do an excellent job serving our town. This is a team worth re-electing.


The best way to show your support at this time is to please make a donation today to the Southbury Republican Town Committee. There is no donation too small. Please support our town committee and be a part of what’s needed to win elections. It is truly appreciated because it cannot be done without your help.


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